I'm just a mermaid who lost her tail. Wishing.. Wanting.. Dreaming that the waves drift my soul out with the current into the deep blue ocean.  Maybe one day my gills will grow back.

The Minimalist Mermaid: Gabs Dormio

Aloha babes, my name is Gabs Dormio. I'm a Social Media Influencer and hair guru who radiates creativity. I'm 22 years young & I'm a previous local to the seasonal tourist town Ocean City, Maryland: where you'd most likely find me shredding the urban waves on my Carver surf-skate or taking photos. But as of March 2017, I've moved back home to Leesburg, VA to work on myself and be with family. I am a mega-nerd in love with anything tech. But my dream is to one day become a naturalist / animal conservationist / environmentalist, as i believe our planet, Mother Earth, is precious & needs to be protected. I'm an artist, a self-taught Yogi & a free-spirited child of the sea with a heart like a lion. If you can't find me rolling around in the sand, I'm swimming through our deep blue sea. I love to eat clean, laugh often, & smile bright so if this fits into the type of human you are, i think we'd get along just great. I have a tendency to never judge people until i get to know them, which often allows me to trust the wrong type of people. But from these experiences I've grown strong & i never let others negativity bring me down. So please only bring kindness & radiate positive energy towards my Blog & Instagram. Anyway, I'm off to go wander the beautiful, radiant Earth.

ॐ Mahalo ॐ


Child of the Sea,
Gabs Dormio