7 Ways To Kick Writers Block

OK. It's January 2016. It was just 2012 like a minute ago but DON'T FREAK OUT. With a new year, & 4 years of 'living-on-my-own' experience under my belt, writing a blog post usually comes pretty easy to myself. But there is ALWAYS a point where I hit a writers block! So here are my 'Top 10 Ways To Kick Writers Block'!

1. Write A Blog Post About How To Kick Writers Block!

Yes, I went there. In fact, that's exactly why I am writing this blog post now! #TakingMyOwnAdvice #You'veJustEnteredTheTwilightZone

2. Go Outside!

A lot of people tend to find their inspiration from nature. In turn, it can create new emotions & feelings for things you never thought to think about before! I.E. a beautiful sunset/sunrise, tracking wild animals movements/behavior, or just a nice, refreshing walk.

3. Meditation

A lot of the time a writers block can be formed by your mind being too cluttered. So taking 10 minutes out of your day to dim the lights, light a few candles or even a scented oil, roll out ye ole' yoga mat & R E L A X. Maybe even make a playlist on Pandora with relaxing yoga meditation music!

4. Listen To Music

Find your inspiration through other peoples melodies! After all, lyrics are just creative writing.

5. Work Out

If you're like me, I run on a tredmil/elliptical for about 30min-1 hour. But I must admit, cardio is SO BORING. But it usually allows my mind to wander into the unknown & pull out some rad blog post ideas from the abyss.


Sometimes, if you just type out words words words you tend to make a really really long nonsense sentebce that probably has a lot of typos & is probably a run on sentence but fuck it because youre a badass & through this process you can make a story or create an idea of what to talk about like lord of the rings omg i love lord of the rings but it made me so sad when gandalf the grey was at the bridge of khazad dum with the balrog durins bain in the mines of moria where gimlis cousin balin was once king but died because the dwarves greed was too deep so they awakended the balrog, ANYWAY. You get the drift.

7. Give Yourself A Goal

If you set a goal, you'll want to achieve it. But a lot of the time, people can be all-talk, no-doing. Having said, it's incentive that usually pushes someone to completing a goal! So if you can write 1,000 words, go buy yourself some sushi. Cos M****F***er you earned it.

Gabs Dormio