Do(ing)odling More For The World

The universe is young, but the world is old. Cherish it & all its life, beauty & s o u l. «▼»•ॐ•«▲» Because one day, when your children's children look outside, all they will see is not the luscious greenery that was once there. They won't know that there was once a waterfall where we used to swim & laugh in. & Where in our time rain forests once flourished with them, they are a barren wasteland from deforestation & destruction of habitats. There are no animals. There is no life. Just dirt. Would you want your children to live in a world like this?  Take care of this world & the world will take care of you.

Thank you SO MUCH from everyone who has donated to my cause for protecting our oceans & beaches. So far I was able to donate $375 to Surfrider Foundation & I couldn't do it without all of you, your generous donations & gorgeous photos.

But it's time to step it up & make a bigger difference for our entire world. So from this day forth, all proceeds will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Society ( @thewcs ). They are an organization that not only strives to protect wild places & habitats all throughout the world, but also the wildlife in it. I strongly recommend you research their work & what they have done for our planet so far because it's amazing. I hope I can inspire you to make a difference in our land, oceans, wildlife & the entire world. 

@DoodlesForTheSea #doodlesforthesea

Gabs Dormio