Top 5 Favorite Hairstyles of 2016

As the end of 2016 approaches, I just wanted to take the time to appiciate all my favorite hair porns.

Below are my TOP 5 Favorite Hairstyles, descending from 5 being meh, to 1 being the bomb . com!


5. Pull Through to French Braid

4. Minimalist side braids to starfish braid down middle simple yah, didn't really know what to call this LOL

3. Two Different Ways To Skeleton Braid In One Braid! (top & bottom are different)

2. High Pony Tail With Small Braid + Photo-bombing kitty

1. Double Dutch Braids! (winner)

I hope you guys love all the different hairstyles I do! & Be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I can actually teach you guys how to do this shiz on yourself!

Thanks so much for all the love & support!


Gabs Dormio